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Try the Best Books of 2016 rated by Kirkus Reviews

The Best Man - Richard Peck
A coming of age story about a boy navigating love, marriage, and bullies.
Raymie Nightingale - Kate DiCamillo

Ten-year-old Raymie has a plan to get her father home.
The Wild Robot - Peter Brown
A sophisticated robot is washed up on the shore of an island.
Turn on the Night - Geraldo Valerio
A little girl falls asleep while a wordless adventure begins.
Best Frints in the Whole Universe - Antionette Portis
Gap-toothed aliens work to mend a friendship.
Pug - Ethan Long
The author of Up, Tall, and High! writes about a dog ready for his walk.
Stripes the Tiger - Jean Leroy and Berengere Delaporte
Every kitten is a tiger longing to be let free! Humous tale to giggle over.
In Plain Sight - Richard Jackson
Mor A grandfather and granddaughter bond over missing objects.

Preschool Story Time

Will return this February!
Story Time, a program for preschool-aged children between 3-6 years of age, involves kids in storytelling, fingerplay, and crafts. Story time lasts about 45 minutes and doesn't require any skills or much preparation time. It's free. It's fun, and it's beneficial.

Parents get to spend quality time with their children. Families have an opportunity to explore the library as a free resource for life-long learning. You will meet other parents and children. Don't forget how reading aloud connects us. When we read aloud to kids, we send the message: You are Important. This time is for you.

Story Time sessions run during the fall and winter and are free. Multiple storytellers participate in the summer session.


Lapsit introduces little ones to literature by using stories and songs to create recognition between words and their meanings. Designed for infants to 36 months, Lapsit lasts about 20 minutes and is held during the fall and spring.